Compostable Confusion!

Here’s the thing – there’s biodegradable, and then there’s what we at PupRepublic call ‘really truly’ biodegradable.


When it comes to waste and our environment, there are amazing technologies coming along that will make even the most unlikely materials recyclable; so that many more materials have many lives. This will be fantastic!


When it comes to poop bags however, er…we think you’ll agree that re-using them doesn’t hold much appeal! The best solution we can see is to use compostable, biodegradable poop bags, which will be recycled by nature; plant becomes polymer, becomes poo bag, which return to the earth, creating manure, water and CO2.


‘Normal’ biodegradable plastics do eventually break down, but they leave little fragments of the product behind. We can’t see them, but they still affect microorganisms and the composition of the ground where they lie. We don’t really know the long-term effects of this, which is why forward-thinking scientists are working towards more recyclable products rather then these [less than] biodegradables. In many cases, they don’t break down – they need oxygen to so that, and once pressed down into landfill, that can’t happen.


So next time you’re buying poo bags – remember it’s more or less 10p per poop for the best and most truly biodegradable product around. Not much of a price to pay for the future of our planet, and our pets’ planet too. They cost a bit more than some types of bag – but at what cost saving to our world?