The 'Tail'of PupRepublic

May we introduce the real “stars”? Say hello to the Pups!

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Tati is a chocolate brown English Cockapoo – a cross between an English working Cocker Spaniel and Toy Poodle.  She’s sparky, independent, a bit of an escapologist and sometimes a bit reluctant to come inside for the night.


Petal is an apricot American Cockapoo whose grandfather was a working gun dog so she has inherited a very “keen nose”. She’s a laid-back and lazy girl who’d sleep half the day if she could, though when she’s out and about and feeling energetic she loves tennis balls.  We’d call her the “lady that lunches” of the spaniel world – she loves FOOD.  She’s won armfuls of rosettes for “doggy dancing” and generally being super cute and friendly!


Milo is Petal’s half-brother, whom Petal keeps a very close eye on.  He’s the youngest of the three and worships Petal.  He’s apricot, 7/8th poodle and very bouncy.  He’s also quite “barky” when he wants food or cuddles but has a very sweet though slightly nervous nature, which is very endearing. 

Our favourite things: Petal and Milo love the beach – it’s their favourite place for a walk but they also have some favourite woodland walks for hot or windy days. Milo likes mud and after a woodland walk together, Petal comes home totally immaculate and Milo is muddy right up to his neck! Tati is a country girl through and through. She loves her daily walks and flies through the fields like a dervish and yes, has to have a lot of baths!

The place we call Home: Petal and Milo live with their lovely ‘hoomans’ – that’s mum Nicky and family - in Dorset, close to the beach while Tati enjoys the quiet life in the tranquil Somerset countryside with Caroline and the gang.


Say hi to some of our PupRepublic friends …

There's 'cousin' Rufus Fox, a green eyed cockador from Shropshire. That's right, Lab mum, cocker dad. He's famous for munching through half his dog dad's famous fruit cake on his first Christmas. Full of doggy dangers like raisins and brandy. Rufus 'charmed' all the vet staff by throwing up the cake and immediately demanding treats!


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