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Hands-Free Lead

“This running lead is fantastic, only used it twice but can’t believe how much it makes my running experience with my dog so much better, sits really nice on my waist and gives my dog enough lead to run in front without getting tangled, fantastic lead a must-buy for any dog runner.”

“I walk my two kids to school and have been taking the dog too but this way I can hold one each of their hands. It’s a game-changer!” 


Training Treat Bag 

"This is just what I was looking for! I am absolutely delighted with this bag. It has two small straps of strong velcro to wrap around ur lead, and a zip compartment, for poo bags, n treats. I am v happy with the bag, it is only intended for poo bags n treats a key. It's not a big cumbersome item. All dog owners would find this little bag invaluable! It saves u having to keep checking that u have poo bags, treats n door keys, with u, every time, before u leave the house! I am very happy with the seller, it was received quickly, would absolutely recommend them."

"This is a fantastic product, exactly what I was looking for. It attaches to the extendable dog lead with the Velcro straps and holds treats, and poo bags and has a ring for a key. This means we can just leave it on the handle of the lead and then we can go out for a walk quickly whenever we like. No more checking pockets to see if we've got everything. In fact, no need for pockets or bags full stop, which is great news with summer coming. Thank you!"
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