How To Show Your Dog That You Love Them

Dogs love to be the centre of attention. They love to be hugged, kissed, and pampered. They also love to be the centre of your universe, so showing them just how much you care means the world to them. The question is: how can we show our fluffy companions that we truly love them and that we are greatful for their love & loyalty? Here are a few easy at-home or out and about ideas to communicate your love - take a look!

Give Them A Hug

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The only thing better than a hug is a hug from a dog. A dog’s nature is said to be averse to hugs; it goes back to primal fear of predators getting hold of them, but that’s not the case in our house. Milo gives the best hugs ever! Even if your dog isn’t able to hug you back, they’ll know that you're giving them positive affection. They will however hug you in their own way, such as putting their paw on you, leaning into you or staring lovingly into your eyes (or what seems like your soul!).

In a world where we are increasingly disconnected from our friends and family, dogs are the perfect antidote to the isolating effects of modern life with their loving and loyal nature. Dogs don’t care about what we look like, what we do for a living, or how silly we hoomans can be; they just want to love us, and a little hug can go a long way.

Tell Your Dog You Love Them

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Next time you're out walking your dog, take a moment to look at them and tell them that you love them. Tell them how much you love them, how much you appreciate them, and how much you want to spend more time with them. And don't forget to say it in a way that they understand! Again, they may not exactly understand the words you are saying, but they understand tone; so if you use a tone that you use then you're praising them, that should do the trick.

Spend Quality Time With Them

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One of the best ways to show your dog that you love them is by spending quality time with them. Fantastic quality time, or enrichment, can include teaching them new tricks, playing with their favourite toy together, going to dog training or agility classes together, or simply hanging out together with no phones - just you and them. Dogs love spending time with their owners, so as long as you make time for your dog, both you and your dog will be happy and importantly, feel the love.



Showing your dog that you love him requires patience, care, and a little effort. Sometimes there's nothing better than escaping from the world with your dog, and we hope these three simple ideas have given you some bonding inspiration for a pawsitive time with your pups. Feel free to take a look at our hands-free dog leads in purple or aqua, if you're looking for more freedom and fun on your runs!

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