Make a Pet-Friendly Staycation Tail-Waggingly Fun: 5 Tips for the Perfect UK Getaway with Your Dog!

With staycations acting as the new normal and warmer weather on the horizon, planning the perfect getaway has never been more important – especially when it involves your beloved fur babies! Travelling with a pet can come with its own unique set of challenges, but fret not - we’ve compiled some top tips to make sure your furry friend gets to enjoy an unforgettable and safe journey away from home.

From dog-friendly restaurants to activities that will ensure your pooch stays relaxed during car rides - we've got you covered for making a pet-friendly staycation tail-waggingly fun. So what are you waiting for? Pack those bags (your four legged besties included!) and let's go exploring together!

1. Explore Paw-fect Doggy Holiday Destinations

What do you and your pup enjoy doing together? Long walks on the beach or hikes up mountains? Research the areas of the country you’re interested in to be sure there’s plenty for two and four-legged members of the family to do, and no one gets left out or bored. Have a look into what dog friendly establishments, cafes and parks are nearby as well as local vets, in case of emergencies.

If you have a nervous furry traveller, consider picking a destination slightly closer to your starting point than the other side of the country. There is still plenty you can do to prepare them though, like small practice trips to the park with plenty of treats and praise, or, in the worst case, your vet can even prescribe something to calm the nerves.

2. Find Pet-Friendly Holiday Accommodation

When planning a staycation, it’s important to make sure that you are considering your canine companion. There are many pet-friendly accommodations available, from hotels and resorts to private rental homes or apartments. By choosing a pet-friendly location, not only will you have a place to stay with your furry friend but you’ll also get the added benefit of not having to worry (not to mention the cost!) of finding someone to take care of them while you’re away.

If you can, opt for accommodation specifically designed with pets in mind and you’ll be sure that your pet-friendly holiday home is equipped with all the necessary amenities and services required for both yourself and your pooch. Many pet-friendly holiday homes offer dog beds, pet sitting services, and other amenities such as pet play areas or even walking trails. Additionally, some may even provide special food or treats for your furry pal.

You can find dog friendly holiday cottages by Pack Holidays where everything has been carefully selected, specifically with the aim of making your holiday the best it can be for you and your whole pack of fur-babies. With extra special touches like spare doggy blankets and plenty of doggy treats, information on nearby dog friendly restaurants, cafes and pubs and absolutely no extra doggy fees, you’re sure to find the paw-fect holiday cottage for your one or 101 pups.

3. Research Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the Area

You’ll probably want to take your dog with you when you’re out and about for meals, so take the time to do some research first. Whether you're away on holiday somewhere new or revisiting a favourite holiday destination, make sure to look up dog-friendly restaurants, cafes and pubs in your vicinity. It can be difficult to find a restaurant that allows pets – and even more challenging if you don't know which places are pet-friendly ahead of time, and there’s nothing worse than a hangry human AND a dog wondering when dinner time is!

Check out online reviews to get a sense of which restaurants, cafes and pubs are more welcoming, as well as any other rules they may have. Most importantly, always call ahead and ask about pet policies to avoid any surprises when you arrive.

When you book your dog friendly holiday with Pack Holidays, they will save you the hassle and provide all the local info on nearby dog-friendly restaurants, cafes and pubs.

Taking your pup out for a bite can be a fun bonding experience if done in the right way! Just remember: research is key when looking for dog-friendly food establishments in the area.

4. Visit Parks, Beaches and Sniff Out the Local Area

If you’re near a river or the sea, it’s not only a fun outing but especially beneficial for your dog to explore these areas as well. Swimming is an excellent full-body workout that can help keep their muscles toned and increase their endurance levels over time. Pack Holidays make life easier and provide details of all local dog friendly beaches and more on their guest login section. Or if you haven’t booked yet, they’re always more than happy to share this useful information if you contact them.

Parks provide plenty of room for your pooch to run around and play with other friendly dogs. The opportunity for socialisation can help them make friends and learn proper canine etiquette. In addition, you’ll be able to meet other dog owners in the area. Aside from dog parks, it’s also a good idea to walk your dog around the area. This not only gives them exercise, but also allows them to experience new sights and smells along the way.

5. Prepare Ahead of Time for Car Rides With Your Dog

Travelling with your pet can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires some preparation. To ensure that your car rides are safe and enjoyable for both you and your fur baby, it's important to take the time to plan ahead of time.

Just as we have to wear seatbelts, there are also rules for our furry friends. All dogs must be suitably restrained while travelling in a car, according to the Highways Code. A harness, carrier or crate is recommended, and the best option depends on the dog. Make sure that your pup has enough room in the car and can access fresh air without being too hot or cold during long drives.

You'll also need to make sure you have the right supplies for car rides. Make sure you pack water and food bowls, lidded containers of food or treats, toys, a leash and/or harness, poo bags, towels, blankets or cushions for comfort, wet wipes for quick messes, and a first aid kit equipped with items specifically geared towards pets such as tweezers and an antihistamine cream should there ever be an allergic reaction.

Planning ahead will not only help keep your dog safe while on the road but it will ease anxiety as well; provide yourself with peace of mind by ensuring that all necessary items are accounted for before getting behind the wheel. Working through this list ahead of time can save you time during trips so that more moments can be spent enjoying quality time with your four legged friend!

6.Pack Yours And Your Doggy’s Suitcases - You’re Off!

Staycations are a great way to make unforgettable memories without having to go far from home. Especially if you have a pet! Pet-friendly staycations are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people recognise the importance of bonding with their furry friends.

What makes a pet-friendly staycation so special? For starters, your pet can join you in exploring your favourite local attractions. You can take them for long walks in the park, stroll through the local farmers market, or just curl up together on the couch and watch TV. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding someone to look after your pet while you’re away. And most importantly, you get to spend quality time with your fur baby!

If you’re still looking for the ultimate doggy friendly holiday cottage, take a look at dog-obsessed Pack Holidays and the incredible range of holiday cottages specifically chosen to suit your whole pack’s needs.