Your Pocket Guide To A Pup Perfect Dog Harness

We've only gone and added a brand new pawduct to our Pup Republic collection! We had looked at all the harnesses on the market and what people thought of them, and we had looked again at all the benefits of harnesses for dogs in general to create our very own Pup Perfect harness.

We realised that not all harnesses are equal: a harness should obviously fit well, should not be easy to slip out of and should not restrict movement. Yes, some of the most popular harnesses inhibit the chest and neck with a tight band across the front, but we wanted to offer a little something different to the dog care and dog accessory b-arket. Here's a pocket guide to our Pup Perfect harness to help you harness the power!


About Our Pup Perfect Harnesses

Our Pup Perfect dog harness is strong, comfortable, breathable & full adjustable no-pull harness designed to keep your pups safe and under control. Our harness 'gapes' slightly at the neck which helps the straps not to apply pressure to the chest, neck and throat, so while harnesses do not stop your dogs pulling, it makes the pull less uncomfortable and less impacting on their delicate chest & throat area. We know pups can be pretty crafty, so the heavy-duty, padded webbing makes it harder for a them to pull out of the harness too - oh yes, we know a crafty pup when we meet one!

Quick & Easy To Put On

"Are dog harnesses easy to use?"

The front clip of the harness means that to put the harness on your dog, it doesn't have to go over the dog's head, which many pups hate and makes the whole process fiddly - especially when they are excitable! But this slight yet impacting addition to the design will make putting on the harness that much easier. This pawduct works perfectly with our double-ended dog lead too!

Keeps Dogs Safe & Under Control

"Are dog harnesses good for dog training and dog walking?"

With personal experience with our own crafty pups, we wanted to encompass safety and control to our harness. Our harness has two lead attachment points both on the chest and the back which makes this the perfect harness for both training or for dogs that pull on walks. And, if you are dog walking or your dog decides to do a runner when dark hits, the reflective stitching on the harness also helps them to be seen at night. Our dog harness has a sturdy safety handle for immediate control of your dog during training, or in an emergency. This feature also makes it easy to help your dog out of water, or helping elderly dogs into the car - pawfect!

Designed for Extra Comfort, Security & Non-Choking

"Are dog harnesses harmful for dogs?"

The H-shaped design with soft but heavy duty webbing won't harm your dogs throat unlike other collars, harnesses and dog leads on the market. All of our products have been designed with both love for enhancing the experience of both dogs and dog mums & dads - our Pup Perfect dog harness is no different and in fact, offers the most enhanced experience of all our dog products yet!


Harness sizes

"What size dog harness do I need for my dog breed? - Three sizes for All Breeds & Sizes!

We've made our Pup Perfect harness as adjustable as possible. We advise customers that when they first receive their dog harness, that they take time to get it right from the start and the straps should stay where you put them for future use. Here is a size guide as an example of which size dog harness you should buy for your dog:


Small, Medium, Large Dog Harnesses UK


Petal our cockapoo (below photo, right), is wearing the medium size dog harness - this is the only size that comes in purple. You can see the beautiful quality padded straps around the body and our signature aqua on the back. You can see the lead attached to the chest and back if you need to, and you can also see the handle at the back for extra grab-ability! Adjustable chest and tummy strap allows good freedom of movement too.


Pup Republic, Best Dog Harness UK


Milo our poodle cross (above photo, left) is wearing the small size harness, which is longer in the back and would even fit a dog a fair bit larger than he is. We feel it is great to have and overlap between sizes for our dog mums and dog dads. Size really does matter when it comes to getting the right harness, a wrongly fitted harness can affect the movement and agility of your pups such as shoulder restriction which over time, can cause joint problems and soft tissue damage. If you have any queries about which size dog harness to go for, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we will support you in making the right choice for your dog.

We are always happy to exchange a harness if the size isn’t quite right or for any reason - 100% y-appiness guarantee!

Harnesses versus Dog Collars

Harnesses are the better choice for dog walking because they don't add pressure to the neck of our fluffy family members. Many dogs will pull when excited on dog walks or training, and harness provide a less impacting alternative versus collars. Dog harnesses are particularly suitable for dogs with breathing issues like pugs.

Harness The Power

There we go! That's your pocket guide to our Pup Perfect Harness and harnesses in general to help you make the next step to seriously good moments with your pups. We hope you have found it useful! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or queries about our Pup Perfect harness, we'll be happy to supp-awt you!


Happy Harness-ing!

Nicky, Caroline & The Pups @ Pup Republic