Summer’s here – enjoy it with your furry friends …

Summer’s here and we just love it, spending time with the dogs is great now that those cold, dark evenings and wet, rainy walks are a distant memory (hopefully!)  So, the sun is shining, the days are longer and we should make the most of it while we can.  We love to organise some fun in the sun days out with our furry friends to enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer.

We’re lucky to live close to the coast but did you know that nowhere in the UK is more than 2 hours from the sea so why not find out your nearest dog-friendly beach and head to the beach.  If you visit when the tide is out and there’s a wide expanse of sand, you and your dogs will love a long walk or run. 

If you don’t fancy the beach but love to enjoy the countryside … look online for a local geocache.  Geocaching is a modern-day treasure hunt using your smartphone GPS to follow a trail of coordinates to find the hidden “treasure” which is usually just a token and notepad to note down your discovery.  But it’s a great excuse to get out and about with your dogs and enjoy a great walk together.

Whether you head for the beach or the countryside, if you have to spend a while in the car with your dogs, try to keep it as cool as possible and stop for frequent toilet/drink breaks. 

Why not make a day of it and take along a picnic for the humans and some special doggy treats too and don’t forget some favourite balls or toys for your dogs.  A towel is a good idea so you can clean up a wet or dirty dog before you travel home.

 Make sure you take a Pup Republic hands-free dog lead  so you can both really stretch your legs and of course don’t forget your Pup Republic Dog poo bag holder too.

 If you can’t get away for the whole day, why not get out and enjoy some time in the garden with your dog.  Switch on the hosepipe (if there’s no ban of course!) and cool down with a bit of a water fight.  But do remember that not all dogs will enjoy this. 

It’s very important to keep your dog cool and hydrated in very hot weather – have your ever thought of making your own frozen “pupsicles”?!  You can make a savoury one by mixing no-salt chicken stock with some mashed veg or even combine strawberries, melon, yoghurt and maybe even some doggy chocolate.