The "Tail" of Big Dog & Our Tummy Tamer

The "Tail"

Lizzie and Mike have been loyal, repeat customers for our renown Pup Republic Tummy Tamer for their beautiful whippets in the UK. They then took the ultimate plunge and packed to live in France with their whippets and em-BARK (woof!) on a whole new adventure!




Soon after Lizzie and Mike settled into their new home, they rescued a handsome 9 year old "Galgo" which is an ancient Spanish hunting breed. If you are not familiar with Galgos, here's a little introduction of their background as hunting dogs - brace yourself, it's not pretty but it's good to be aware of their history before we share the full 'tail' of Big Dog: 

"Galgos are an ancient breed of hunting dog once raised exclusively by Spanish nobles. Today they must be one of the most abused dog breeds on the planet. Tens of thousands are killed in Spain every year, often in gruesome ways. Countless more are abandoned" - National Geographic

It is devastating news that these beautiful animals are still suffering and being killed in such ways, but we hope that even writing this post and sharing Big Dog's story will help to raise awareness of this ongoing issue.

Gentle Big Dog was only used to a diet of old bones and stale bread from before he was rescued, which meant lots of upset tummies, disinterest in trying yummy new foods, and therefore a not-so happy pup; not what we want for our beloved friends especially when they have been through so much.

"They can have miserable lives and often tortured and left to die when they can no longer hunt" - Mike

In France, they were coming to the end of their last bottle of Tummy Tamer at a time where they needed it most with Big Dog welcomed into the family and struggling with a regular doggy-diet. They had even had a few trips to the local Vet Hospital where they were in Nantes for some breathing problems, poor Big Dog!

So Mike and Lizzie reached out to us to order some more Tummy Tamer as they saw we only ship to UK & Ireland. But without a woof, we replied shortly to their query and were more than happy to ship this valuable pawduct to them and Big Dog in France.

Shortly after they received their top-up of medicine, here's what happened...

"Your Tummy Tamer has been invaluable as he explores more adventurous meals. Big Dog asked me to send you his picture..." - Mike & Lizzie


This was music to both our hooman and pups ears! No pup gets left behind, and it was just to heart warming to hear Mike, Lizzie and Big Dog's incredible story. We respect them so much for rescuing Big Dog and thank them enormously for sharing and allowing us to share their beautiful "tail". We hope you are enjoying yourselves in France and that Big Dog is still exploring a new menu.


"What a relief to receive such a sympa reply from a real person in these times of almost total automation!" - Mike & Lizzie

"Thank you so much for your fantastic response and I now know that I can try all sorts of new foods knowing that I have a brilliant cure for a “runny tummy”….(if necessary)" - Big Dog

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